Gin clear, slow moving, spring creek water. Birds singing in the background. I am casting, squatted down far from the bank so as not to scare the spooky fish. I can barely see the spots where I know there's gotta be fish. False cast a few times to get enough line out to hit my target. My #10 black leech lands spot on. I am mixing it up - slow retrieve, long pause, fast retrieve pause - a subtle pull back. I set the hook.

Darn, missed the fish!

Original 1489698760 loon creek dave and mary ann

Photo by Mary Ann Dozer

Cast again - hit my target - mix up the retrieves again - a subtle pull back - raise the rod tip - feel the weight of the fish. Yes, Fish On!

Original 1489698713 yankee fork bull trout

Photo by Mary Ann Dozer