It was late March and my husband, no longer able to resist the call of fishing, had taken us to the Poconos. Like the rest of the residents of the northeast, we felt the call of spring. We were all tired of the gray days, the snow and the cold. We were seriously wishing for sunshine and warmth and trout.

That day, we drove up to the mountains from South Jersey with the promise of temperatures in the 60's. Even so, there was still snow on the ground, patches of ice on the edges of the streams and water temps of 37 degrees. Fishing was difficult because fish are not terribly active feeders at those low temperatures. So what to do ... too cold to fish, too cold and slippery to take a walk, no sunbathing.

Original 1490030973 rob and telescope

Photo by Kathleen Vasinda

The last time we were in the Poconos was last fall. At the time, we had become aware of a pair of eagles making a nest along the stream where we fish. With the hope of seeing them again, we brought our telescope.

Original 1490030973 nesting

Photo by Kathleen Vasinda