We all want to be part of something new, something big, something important. But when we get there, these are the things that elude us. The big always passes us by. The small always takes prevalence. For me, life has been filled with almost too many ups and downs. It took me my entire lifetime to find my happy. However, I saw it, knew it and felt it years ago. It was the first time I went fishing as an adult. And when that fly rod was handed to me, I knew I was home. For it wasn’t just the remembering of a lifetime of fishing that got me, not even the fish that I caught that day. It was the life and love that I had found within my own loop that brought me home. Something so small, the perfect circle, something you never think of. But the sound of the loop when it reaches its full potential, is the big I had always been looking for.

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Photo by Allison Helen Hendricks